Discover, learn, feel, try and think about the Olympic Games.
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  • 1
    What are the Olympic Games? Learn the story from the origin of the Games to how they became humanity's biggest event.
  • 2
    Discover the history of the relationship between the Olympic Games and the wider world from multiple angles.
  • 3
    An immersive sound and video experience highlighting the dynamism of Olympians and the wonder of the opening ceremony.
  • 4
    Learn about Japan's influence on the Olympic Games with a special focus on the contributions of the Japanese.
  • 5
    Experience the physical movements of Olympic sports and try to match the physical abilities of Olympians.
  • 6
    The Story of Olympism
    Look closely at Olympism through interviews and key episodes portraying Olympians thoughts and approaches to life.
    The Paralympic Games
    Deepen your understanding of the Paralympic Games by learning about their history, philosophy and the sports involved.
    The Olympic Village
    Introduces the Olympic Village, where the athletes stay.
    The People behind the Olympic Games
    Learn about the many people involved in making the Olympic Games happen: Volunteers, athletes' entourages and the people who make the games possible and manage the events.
  • 7
    What are the Olympic Games for you? Focus your thoughts on answering this question.